правила футбола 2019 вступают в силу

What are the rules for the 2018 World Cup: “Football Rules 2018/2019” come into force

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On the website of IFAB (International Football Association Board), updated football rules (Laws of the Game 2018/2019) have been published, which entered into force on June 1, 2018. According to these rules will be played the upcoming World Cup 2018 in Russia, starting on June 14 in the “Luzhniki”.

As for innovations, the main changes, which are logical, are connected with the use of the video assistant referee (VAR).
The nuances of the application of technical innovation, sanctions for violations concerning video replays and other formalities are set out. For example, for a player entering the Referee Review Area, or excessive use of the video replay signal by players, a caution(yellow card) is supposed, and the entrance to the operator’s room (Video Operation Room) is penalized by sending-off(red card).

Also, it is interesting to note that the list of violations punishable by sending-off was supplemented by a biting of the opponent, we can assume that because of the precedents with Luis Suárez

at the World Cup 2014.

Download Football Rules 2018/2019

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